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Affordable Grading Alternatives

If you just need a functional flat space or path, and aren't as concerned about looks and longevity, you can use less expensive stone instead of asphalt. Cars can drive on that too!

  • Parking areas

  • Residential driveways

  • Commercial entrances

  • Water runoff corrections

  • Outdoor recreation spaces

  • Home landscaping projects

  • Construction site preparation

Cost-effective grading applications

So Precision Asphalt Maintenance Inc. has installed your new driveway. It looks great today, and you can keep it that way.

Tips for proper asphalt care

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"Tom was the most knowledgeable of all the people we talked to.... The hill and drive had to be reinforced with railroad ties. It's the quality

that counts...."

- Loren, Waukesha

  • Avoid gas and oil spills which dissolve the surface

  • Don't drive or stress the outer edges, which may crack

  • Immediately kill any weeds that break through

  • Consider sealcoating for the most durable protection

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